Sandra Hansen Eco Artist

When Sandra Hansen became an Eco artist in 2014 she fell in love with the magic of creating something translucent from leaves and bark. Handmade paper is completely environmentally sound and can be absolutely gorgeous. Its rich texture and its delicate gauzy effects are completely amazing. Paper has the ability to bring alive the horrendous problems of water pollution simply by putting plastic bags into the pulp. Paper is exceedingly versitile as well and can be used in many multimedia objects and hangings. The beauty of the paper shows us the beauty of each of the objects that we love until they decay into pollution.

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There is a great Alternative Tour in Berlin that seems to be run by artists.  I took one of these tours and we were shown a little bit of the graffiti art and how it was made and why we should enjoy it. If you right click on these photos you will learn a little more about each one and see a better picture.

Berlin Alternative Tour

     We also enjoyed a 20 mile bicycle ride the other day which nearly did us in.  One of our stops along the way was at the Japanese Bonsai Garden. We had tea and snacks there.

     Ed and I are staying at a beautiful little guesthouse in Potsdam outside of Berlin.  My first day here I ran off to a Creative Work and Relax Pomodoro Meetup Group in Potsdam.  I never found the group although I did find the coffee house.  The Pomodoro Method is one in which you work hard for 45 minutes and then relax for 15 minutes and then keep doing that for your day of work.  So I sat down at the coffee house and started my first piece of art here.  While it won't set the art world on fire, it is a pleasant little landscape which I finished up here at the guesthouse yesterday.

Berlin May 13-, 2015

Reykjavik, Iceland, May 10-12, 2015

     After stopping to visit my relatives in Philadelphia, I flew into Reykjavik, Iceland for a 22 hour visit.  With so little time I had to visit only the city and the Blue Lagoon and miss the volcanic places except for what I could see from the plane and bus.  I took the morning to walk around the harbor and city, the afternoon going to the Blue Lagoon.

Summer Travels  2015