Sandra Hansen, MFA  


When Sandra Hansen became an Eco artist in 2014 she began painting about environmental issues. She then moved to creating art from plastic bags.  Sandra wanted to become more environmentally sound in her art practice. In 2015 she fell in love with the magic of creating something translucent from leaves and bark. Handmade paper is completely environmentally sound and can be absolutely gorgeous. Its rich texture and its delicate gauzy effects are amazing. Paper has the ability to bring alive the horrendous problems of water pollution simply by putting plastic bags into the pulp. Paper is exceedingly versital as well and can be used in many multimedia objects and hangings. 

Based on Bubble drawings 1 and 2, Bubble 3 uses many of the same elements but with a different medium and larger format.The polyethylene plastic bags give the painting a watery wet feel, while at the same time pointing out the dichotomy of putting plastic and water together. Atmospheric perspective is confused with flattened images which are larger at the top than at the bottom of the painting. Yet the colors strive for brighter in the front and duller towards the back. The effect is both visually pleasing and disconcerting at the same time.

Polyethylene. 80 x 40 in. 

Bubbles 3